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About Us

Brad Dammerman, President
Personalized Approach

Building and construction activities worldwide consume 3 billion tons of raw materials each year or 40% of total global use. Living in the heart of those supported by the forest industry, it has been my focus to promote and implement good forest stewardship. By reclaiming and recycling lumber from some near century old out buildings, barns, warehouses and more that are beyond restoration or repair, we believe that the benefits of increased wildlife, recreation, jobs, and other great opportunities will make a huge impact well into our future generations. As owner and operator of Timberworks, I take personal pride in the conservation of dwindling resources by providing our customers a way to integrate green building materials into projects that help greatly reduce their environmental impacts.

Reclaimed Beams & Trusses
Excellence and Professionalism 

Here at Timberworks, it is our ultimate goal to provide you, our valued customer, with quality reclaimed lumber products in a timely manner. 


We put the lumber through a multitude of steps before it is ready for shipment. The buildings are carefully taken down so that each individual board can be saved and reused. Each piece is inspected as it arrives at our lumberyard. The painstaking & time-consuming process then begins by removing nails and other debris while destroying as little of the wood as possible. Any rotting or damaged wood is also removed. The reclaimed wood is finally ready to be used for a variety of projects that are as beautiful as each customers personality.


As orders are received and specifics are provided with the desired look and feel of the finished project, we can wire brush, media blast, plane, pressure wash, or saw to meet or exceed your expectations. 

Reclaimed lumber, beams & trusses
Why Choose Reclaimed Lumber

One big difference you'll find in rustic reclaimed wood versus fresh cut lumber is that older wood came from old growth forest and on average may have tighter growth rings than fresh cut virgin wood. The reclaimed timbers have been through the non-stop cycle of exposure to humidity and heat with slight expanding and contracting, in many cases, for over a century making it a more stable product than newly cut lumber.

One may see why the wood's unique appearance, it's contribution to green building, and the wood’s physical characteristics such as strength, stability and durability make reclaimed lumber very popular.


Contact us with description of lumber sizes needed and we'll sort through our inventory to best match your desires. Our inventory and selection is constantly changing but we'll do our utmost to fill your order promptly. Shipments can be delivered to wherever you need them!

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