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Fireplace Mantel

Rustic wood fireplace mantels can be crafted from any of our timeless Hand Hewn, Rough Sawn, or Resawn beams that have been reclaimed and bring with them the many aspects and variations of original patina.

Hand Hewn beams are multi-faceted to include exterior beams that have been exposed to the elements which will have a weathered gray or brown look and interior beams that have been sheltered from the weather and will have retained the natural patina (or appearance) of the wood. These beams were originated as logs that were squared by hand with an axe. Often times, hand hewn beams will have mortise and tenon pockets and original hand hewn axe marks with old face patina on all four sides.

Rough Sawn or Circular Sawn beams are heavy and stable and have old original face patina on all four sides. They may have weathered grain, nail holes, bolt holes, natural checking, and original circular saw marks but very rarely have any mortise and tenon pockets. These timbers provide a more clean and even surface than hand hewn beams while preserving the natural beauty.

Resawn beams have been freshly milled from a hand hewn or rough sawn beam to create a more modern, smooth-surface look while preserving and restoring the beautiful grain from years gone by. Reclaimed beam stock is run through a series of band saws which remove marks of age, surface imperfections, or irregularities in shape. Unlike fresh sawn lumber a, resawn beam is a great solution if you are seeking exact dimensions. Surface finishes such as wire brushing, hand scraping, or circular saw will enhance the look and feel you desire in your finished product.

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