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Barn Wood

Reclaimed Barn Wood exhibits the timeless patina created by the aging process when it may or may not be directly exposed to the elements. Reclaimed barn wood ranges in an abundant array of colors from weathered gray to a dark brown, brown, red, or white depending upon original location and exposure to weatherization. It also exhibits varying textures and carries a truly rustic look and feel to compliment your final project. The natural tones in reclaimed lumber show variations and richness that can not be duplicated with new wood.

 Suggested Uses

Rustic Exterior Siding  //  Sliding Barn Doors  //  Interior Wall Paneling  //  Ceiling Paneling  //  Gates  //  Flooring  // 

Fencing  //  Accent Wall  //  Custom Crafts (Framed Art, Furniture, Framed Mirror)  

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